Florida properties

We are delighted to confirm that we are now working with a registered Florida realtor in the Disney area of Florida who has access to all his own listings as well as thousands of others in Florida through the MLS system (multi listing system).


If you are interested in finding out more, please email us or call 01598 710134 and we will pass your details to our agent in Florida who will then contact you direct to discuss your requirements personally.

We have chosen this particular realtor, who is English, as he also has a rental management company so that you can have access to a letting agency as well who would be able to look after your new purchase for you.

Below the sample properties, I am attaching a few notes from our realtor with his buying tips.  We are planning to list between five and ten properties at any one time.  (Sept 2012)

These pages will be updated frequently and new houses uploaded as soon as they are taken on.  There are still some real bargains at the moment and if you are interested in learning more or need further information, please call 01598 710134 or email us.

Florida Buying Guide

Florida Buying Guide

Depending on the answer this will narrow down your choice of property and the zoning and location. Properties that are used for just your family and friends can be located anywhere you wish and the zoning can be residential or short term.  Zoning is decided by the local County that your home resides in, if it has short term zoning then the property can be used for residential, residential long term rental , or short term rental (vacation guests). If it does not have short term zoning then it cannot legally be used as a vacation home for paying guests. Short term is really just the term for a guest who stays one night, one week, or any period up to six months and one day, anything over this period would be deemed Long Term.

Well if you are already confused please don't be, there are really just two major zoning's, SHORT TERM OR NOT and that's it.

The next choice after the decision how to use your home is Location, do you want your home on the doorstep of Disney, or maybe a little further away. If you choose to be very close to the mouse then most likely your area (known as a sub-division) will probably be most predominantly all vacation homes, a little further from the mouse and most likely it will be a balance of residential and vacation homes, even further away then the balance will mean mostly residential homes with the odd vacation home.

I have always recommended that the best investment vacation home be in an area where there is a good balance between residential and vacation homes, this has many advantages including security and resale value..Basically if there are some residents in the area all the time, then your home and other owners vacation homes  are "watched" by the permanent residents.


Your Florida home can be financed locally in Florida and there are many lenders who will help with this. Rates and procedures constantly vary and for information it is always recommended that prospective buyers talk to a qualified mortgage/loan broker.

Buying Process in Florida

In Florida representation is by only one realtor/estate agent and not multiple agents. Realtors cooperate and share with other realtors but only one can be the person who procures a contract or sale.  Only one Realtor/Company lists a property for sale not multiple agents like in the UK. That Realtor/company will share the listing with other Realtors/Agents but you cannot multiple list when selling.

The importance of a licensed experienced Realtor is paramount.


Secure & talk to your Realtor Agent 

Decide on your  timeline/budget

Decide on your usage

Talk to us about Management Options

Choose your area  ( I will help)

Receive information on multiple properties that are ideal for your choice.

Make a decision on one or more homes.

Talk to our financing expert if you need a loan

Place a deposit on the property ($1000) minimum
normally required.

Sit back whilst we all work very hard to complete the process for you, including inspections to make sure the home is a worthy  & worthwhile purchase.

Process completed you may come to close
(finalize) your purchase or purchase by mail.


Enjoy your home for whatever purpose you intended.

We will manage and look after your home and provide services to keep it running at it's peak both in maintenance and income capacity.

Property Management in Florida

If you own a vacation rental property, you already know that there's a lot more to your investment than simply collecting rent checks. For some, investment real estate is a full time business. For the vast majority of those who invest in vacation rental properties, however, the goal is to make money that will supplement their income or retirement. If you're one of the latter and you're not careful, your property could end up consuming all of your time and money.

Enter the property management company! Property management companies come in all shapes and sizes. Most resort areas will have several companies to choose from. If you're not experienced in the business of vacation real estate management, then it would be smart to hire someone who is.

Here are five things an experienced property management company can do for you.

1) Check In service

Where do your guests check in? When can they check in? A property management company provides a professional office where your guests can check in for their stay at your property. It will act like a hotel's front desk to the guests, although the office may be off site from your property. Visitors will have a place where they can get their questions answered. In addition, they'll be able to check in at all hours without bothering you personally.

2) Reservations

It's likely you're not personally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take reservations. A property management company will field calls, emails and Internet reservations for your property on your behalf. Guests will always have someone to contact, and they won't have to wait for you to return their email or phone call.

3) Advertising/Marketing

Most property management companies know the landscape. They understand the seasonality of the visitors, where they're coming from, and who your target market is. Because they manage multiple properties, they're able to get discounts on ads on the Internet, in newspapers and magazines. The relationships that management companies have built with publishers, local Chambers of Commerce and the visitors themselves will save you money and time in your marketing efforts.

4) Emergency Situations

You probably would rather not be bothered when the pipe bursts in the middle of the night. If you aren't near your vacation rental, it wouldn't do any good to bother you anyway. A property management company is there to field emergency calls and they have the staff to handle any such emergencies right away.

5) Housekeeping/Maintenance

If you've got a new set of guests every month, or every week, there's going to be some wear and tear on the property. A good property management company will handle small repairs like changing light bulbs, fixing damaged window screens and leaks in the plumbing. At the very least, the place will have to be cleaned and the linens will have to be laundered in between guests. It's probably not feasible for you to handle this yourself. As with advertising and marketing, a property management service can likely negotiate better rates on cleaning and maintenance services than you could on your own.

Clearly, a property management company will save you plenty of time and headaches so you can actually enjoy owning your Florida rental property. What most people don't realize is that a good property management company can frequently save you the equivalent of their fees in the lower costs they're able to broker on housekeeping, maintenance and advertising services. You won't have to worry about payroll taxes and other hiring concerns because your support staff will all work for the property management company. Finally, your property managers will be well versed in Florida real estate law as well as local codes and ordinances, so you'll always be in compliance.


All the information contained in these pages and on our Florida site has been provided for us by the Realtor in Florida and we cannot accept any liability for statements made or any reliance that is made on statements or information contained in these pages and Guy Sherratt Equestrian and Overseas Properties agency makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, suitabliity and legality of the information portrayed.  All purchasers must make their own enquiries and research and seek professional advice before buying a property.